Chipotle under fire after firing women

The famous American fast-food chain is back at it with female harassment claims.

After facing various issues and matters regarding the chain’s food safety issues, a series of food-borne illnesses and a failed attempt at a new menu and even a drug scandal since earlier this year, Chipotle has always found a new way to get back up on its feet.

A new bump in the road recently hit the famous chain this time with allegations of female abuse. The very first report then was from a woman named Doris Garcia Hernandez who filed charges stating she was fired after getting pregnant.  Hernandez claimed that she was denied access to drinking water during shifts, got told off that her bathroom breaks  would have to be approved and announced to every employee in the store and later on got fired after leaving early for her doctor’s appointment.


She, later on, was awarded $550,000 after a Washington, DC jury agreed in her pregnancy discrimination case.

It was also at the same time when another Chipotle employee, Lauren Lindo from Culver City, California was fired by the very same fast-food chain. Lindo sued Chipotle for an unjust termination that is based on her sex and being pregnant. She also won, after filing these charges and was given a jury award of $109,580.

Earlier this year in April, seven former female Chipotle employees from Ohio filed charges with the chain for discrimination.

Also just very recently, three former general managers was awarded $600,000 in damages by a Cincinnati jury for wrongful termination back in 2012 and 2012 based on their gender.

Beef over trademark claims to add on their list of pressing matters

To add to the tally of Chipotle’s to-solve list, as Boston-based chain Tasty Burger was recently reported to have sent cease and desist letter placing a demand to change Chipotle’s Tasty Made name and logo but said to not having received any response.

Back in 2011, Chipotle submitted a claim to Tasty Burger at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office but was denied eventually stating that the term was just a simple description and that a trademark would not be possible. Along with the claim were three other active applications for the logo and variation of Tasty Made which is Tasty Made Burger Shakes and Fries. Chipotle has left a statement that the two brands can co-exist.

The spokesperson for Chipotle has left a statement saying that they intend to go through the name adding that there is sufficient evidence that the names and logo will not cause confusion.


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