Toyota To Make Its Cars Autonomous, Teamed Up with NVDIA



Toyota will use Nvidia’s Drive PX artificial intelligence platform for its autonomous vehicles planned for market introduction following Nvidia’s announcement that the Japanese automaker teamed up with them to use their artificial intelligence technology to develop self-driving vehicle systems planned for the next few years.

The partnership is yet an another huge step in Toyota’s efforts on bringing autonomous cars, as it looks to develop the technology along a somewhat different path than its competitors.

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced the partnership during his keynote speech at NVDIA’s GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California. He said Toyota aims to implement NVIDIA’s technology in production cars “in the next few years.”

The artificial intelligence platform will be used to better break down the massive amount of data produced by the sensors on its cars, and use it to develop self-driving systems that work in a wide range of scenarios.

Needless to say, autonomous cars will produce huge amounts of data. Cameras, combined with radar and LiDar sensors are all essential to work out what’s going on with the traffic, and all that information needs to be processed and understood within fractions of a second.

“Toyota has worked on autonomous driving technologies for over 20 years with the aim of reducing traffic fatalities to zero as an ultimate goal, achieving smoother traffic, and providing mobility for all,” says Ken Koibuchi, Executive GM at Toyota.

“Through this collaboration, we intend to accelerate the development of autonomous driving systems that are even more safe and capable.” The NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, saying these sentiments concerning safe and efficient personal transport. He asserted that the newly announced deal with Toyota was a significant sign that an autonomous future will become real.

NVIDIA began working on autonomous vehicles several years ago and has made partnerships with dozens of automakers and suppliers racing to develop self-driving cars, including Telsa (TSLA), Audi, Mercedes and Volvo. Basically, Toyota isn’t the first automotive company to use Nvidia’s chips to power self-driving vehicles.

“Now we’ve got the biggest [auto company] in Japan using our drive platform,” said Danny Shapiro, senior director of NVIDIA’s automotive group.


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