Apple Introduces The New iOS 11



Apple Inc. introduced the new iOS 11, taking the wraps off it as the world’s most advanced mobile operating system will power the next iPhone as well as the current and some past iPhone models with new features.

The new iOS update will be available in beta form next month and will probably be released in September. Also, updates to the software running Macs, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches such as watchOS 4 and MacOS High Sierra were also introduced, along with more integration of the company’s Siri digital assistant.

With iOS 11, stickers and iMessage apps are now more accessible with a redesigned App drawer feature, where there’s no need to tap multiple times to send a sticker, and conversations are automatically synchronized with iCloud and stay in sync across devices.

Apple Pay’s much anticipated new feature now allows users to pay one another within iMessage. The peer-to-peer payments can be made and verified via in-built fingerprint scanner and TouchID.

Siri probably has one of the substantial improvements in iOS 11, with a more natural male and female voices.  It can now make built-in real-time translations, starting out with English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish and Italian. It can also be used for task management, taking notes and scanning QR codes. Siri is used on 375 million devices every month.

The Camera has got an update as it now supports high-efficiency video coding, or HEVC, where it supports up to 2x better compression without changing the video quality. The update also supports editing of Live photos, where user can choose a different main still photo, and make live photos go back and forth or loop just like Instagram’s boomerang.

Apple also has its control center feature redesigned and refreshed in iOS 11 as it looks completely new and features a ton of buttons fitting on a single page with sliders and key functions. Using 3D touch, users can press for further details and more depth of options and information.

Apple has added a feature that when the user is driving, it activates the new “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode. With this mode activated, it turns the user’s iPhone screen black and can send automatic message replies telling they are on the road.

More of iOS 11 updates are AirPlay 2, where the user can connect multiple speakers via Wi-FI, then a redesigned Apple Music app, which user can see recommendations from their friends, what they’re listening to, and a kit for developers to make alternative reality (AR) products for the iPhone and iPad, where users will be able to use the camera to see virtual content built on top of real-world settings for gaming, shopping or creative design.

Lastly, for the first time in its nine-year history Apple has redesigned its App store. The new-look download shop includes sections for featured apps and games, with articles and videos exploring more detail of their development, story and design.

Apple has become the world’s most valuable public company by designing phones and other devices that work seamlessly with software. It puts on a Worldwide Developers Conference each year to show outside developers the latest software so they can create new apps and services that make the company’s gadgets more useful.

Currently, Apple shares are at $154.68. Earlier today, Apple opened at $154.34 with a session high of $154.45 and a session low of $153.46. The stock has a market capitalization of $814.46 billion, a P/E ratio of 18, and a dividend yield of 1.64%.

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